About Us

Keating is a Marine, Civil Engineering and Building firm with offices across Ireland and the United Kingdom. It was founded over 30 years ago, and in that time has developed a reputation as a leading multidisciplinary contractor in engineering.

We pride ourselves on our delivery of world class solutions, and our dedicated and highly skilled employees have carried out a diverse range of projects across government departments, local authorities, multinational organisations and private clients.

Keating is constantly evolving, adapting to meet and exceed customer expectations, investing in people, skills, technology and innovation to deliver ever safer, high quality engineering solutions.

Our people form the heart of all operations - and we are proud to facilitate a positive, industry-redefining environment that is based on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Keating is currently under the leadership of recently appointed Managing Director, Marcus Carne, who is overseeing the strategic growth and development of the firm to ensure a successful and sustainable business for many more years to come.