Local Communities

As a growing engineering firm, we understand the importance of having our work contribute to the greater good. We will always engage with local communities to ensure that our output is making a positive change to local areas.

Based in an area that historically lacks government investment or the infrastructure of an urbanised region unlike other companies who are based in metropolitan areas, Keating understands the importance of local communities. We are one of the largest employers in the West Clare region, with many of our staff living within a 10-mile radius.

We scope for community engagement and betterment and ensure that our output serves as a mechanism to stimulate economies, bring about job creation, develop enterprise and generally bring communities closer together. For example, our Carlingford Ferries project created 15 direct jobs and 30 local staff were employed on site during construction.

Additionally, we encourage communication and engagement from local communities and relevant stakeholders, the aim of which is to reduce disruption and enhance local areas by listening to feedback from communities taking a 'good neighbour' approach at all times.

Keating will never forget its roots, and we actively leverage our resources to make a difference, working with several charities including Milford Hospice and Pieta House.