Our People

Our people form the heart of our organisation. We actively encourage and promote diversity with dynamic team structures, empowering our employees to understand that what makes them different allows them to bring something unique to the table.

In facilitating an environment where our staff feel that they are included at all times, with equal opportunities, we can collaborate to produce the best possible result.

We believe in continuous personal and professional development, providing comprehensive training plans bespoke to employees as part of our skills legacy.

Keating strives to 'hire local', benefiting greatly from the knowledge transfer that comes with it whilst providing tangible and long-lasting ties to the community. We have also welcomed numerous student placements, many of them returning upon completion of their studies. This opportunity cycle provides a great incentive for students to prove their worth. 

Health and Wellbeing

The Health and wellbeing of our people is of utmost importance to us. We have a dedicated Wellbeing policy that aims to provide support structures and empower our workforce.

Keating is proud to be the first construction company in Ireland to be awarded the prestigious IBEC KeepWell MarkTM Award in March 2019, a recognition of the fantastic work our Wellbeing committee do to create an optimal work/life balance. Keating also were proud co-sponsors of the first National 'Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit' in 2018.

Safe-Tea and Biscuits

In an industry where mental health is often undervalued, we have implemented a new concept called 'Safe-Tea and Biscuits' to tackle mental health and to ensure that our people feel empowered to seek support when and as needed.

We want to break down the barriers to communication at a grassroots level where it can have the most impact, providing a safe space protocol for one-to-one discussion.

When an offer or request for 'Safe-Tea & Biscuits', as a codeword, is presented, both parties recognise the call for an open and safe discussion on issues that a co-worker may face. This codeword then becomes a vessel for discussing feelings, emotions, concerns etc.

'Safe-Tea and Biscuits' days are held across each site on a monthly basis to encourage workers to look out for each other and to get the conversation started.